Café Zuntz

In 1837, the traditional coffee roasters Zuntz was established under the name A. Zuntz sel. Wwe., which by the end of the century ran several coffeehouses in several German cities. At the end of the 920, it finally opened a shop in Dresden, on Prager Straße. Here is what some people had to say at the time:

‘At Café Zuntz ´Selige Witwe`, where a cup of coffee cost 20 pfennigs, artists, writers, actors, and last not least the many pretty girls of Dresden’s dancing schools’.

(Woldemar Winkler 1927)

Kesting took me to Café Zuns on Prager Straße, a meeting point of the ostracised. During the day, one could meet Dix, Grohmann, Lachnit, Alexander Friedrich and many other artists, but above all also their girlfriends and the girl friends of their girlfriends. Bill Lachnit called these meetings Zunserei’.

(Karl Otto Götz, in: Erinnerungen und Werk, vol 1a, Düsseldorf 1983)

As reminiscence to this historic meeting point of Dresden’s artists, and a site of informal cultural exchange, a café was established in the upper foyer of the Lipsiusbau. Today’s license holder, the Munich company Dallmayr, is a sponsor, and offered a special coffee roast that was only available there.

Prager Straße with Cafe Zuntz

Prager Straße with Cafe Zuntz (marked in orange). Photo: private

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