Interactive Media

Exhibits in context

The works shown in the exhibition were explained at the media stations both with in-depth texts as well as with historic photographs and concrete textual references to letters, documents, and publications. In addition, there were various short biographies that illustrated Will Grohmann’s direct connections to important people in public life and the art world.

Virtual reconstruction of Will Grohmann’s art collection

After Annemarie Grohmann’s death in 1970, important parts of Will Grohmann’s private collection as well as his extensive archive went as a bequest to Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Dresden’s Kupferstichkabinett also received a share, and a further part remained with close relatives, or was passed on to friends and relations. Since there was no complete list of the estate, an attempt was made to reconstruct the collection with the aid of clues from the archives... read more

Virtual 3-d-reconstruktion of the "Allgemeine Deutsche Kunstausstellung Dresden 1946"

As part of an internship, students of media computer studies at Technische Universität Dresden reconstructed, as far as possible, the "Allgemeine Deutsche Kunstausstellung", which took place in 1946 in Dresden and which Grohmann influenced so decisively. Based on the extensive research on the works and the historic exhibition space ... read more

Virtual Guide

The exhibition presents the work of Will Grohmann on the basis of approximately 220 works from artists the art critic supported. The spectrum ranges from the BRÜCKE through the Bauhaus to the Informel. Within the scope of a practical course a multitouch application based on the thematic arrangement of the exhibits should be developed. In addition, this application should help the visitor... read more

Grohmann’s network (geo-visualization)

The art critic and author Will Grohmann established a global network of artists, gallery owners, collectors, museums and media people which he used to promote "his" artists. He maintained it for over half a century, from the end of the First World War until his death in 1968. read more