Virtual Guide

Konstantin Klamka, Berit Lochner, Thomas Schmalenberger, Florian Schneider, Susann Struwe and Bianca Zimmer

The exhibition presents the work of Will Grohmann on the basis of approximately 220 works from artists the art critic supported. The spectrum ranges from the BRÜCKE through the Bauhaus to the Informel. Within the scope of a practical course a multitouch application based on the thematic arrangement of the exhibits should be developed. In addition, this application should help the visitor understanding content connections between artists, exhibit and context, as well as providing a deeper insight.

Therefore, a concept had to be developed, that structured the different contents and makes it perceivable. The resulting application is divided into three main areas: biography, gallery and encounters, the user is able to navigate between. Under the menu item "Biography", the user can select individual dates and in this way he can receive information on both the professional as well as personal biography of the German art critic Will Grohmann (1887-1968). The menu item "Gallery" offers the user the ability to navigate between the different areas and to view the exhibits and related background information. Under the menu item "Encounters", the user receives an alphabetical summary of the numerous people with whom the influential art critic made contact over the years. In addition, further information to the respective persons are available.

The objective of the practical course was to develop an interactive multitouch application, which allows the user to retrieve the different background information easily and individually. The user is thereby able to dive deeply into Will Grohmanns world of images and get an insight into his successful work as an art critic and as a contemporary networker.